Parcel 0733403005 is no longer active in the assessment system!

The following list of parcels may or may not represent a part of the parcel number you have entered due to divisions or combinations that may have occurred. This list is only presented to assist you in finding the information you may be looking for. It is not possible to guarantee the results of matching active parcel numbers to parcels that are no longer maintained. Please verify that the information presented is suitable for your use!

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Parcel Name House Street City Zip Class Assessment Treas Use Only
0733403008 T:  WATERS, MICHAEL J & WATERS, LORI L          4,010  CORE 
0733403009 T:  WATERS, MICHAEL J & WATERS, LORI L  1714   W LINCOLN WAY  MARSHALLTOWN  IA 50158  194,890  CORE