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Recorder’s Search Index

by Jonathan Bailey last modified 2014-12-05 09:36 AM


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Please note:

Document linking is limited and incomplete.  The Marshall County Recorder's Office changed software providers July 2005.  Because the previous software didn't have the capability of linking documents, those fields didn't exist to be converted.  As time permits that information is being added one document at a time.  Notations from older records are often included in the description field in the current index.

Several document numbering systems also were used throughout the years.  When searching the Marshall County index by document number, older numbering systems need to be converted by the user to the present system of four digits (the year) followed by eight digits, ie 2006-00000350.  Following that logic, the first four numbers typed in the search field should be the year.

To convert seven digit document numbers to the present system, the first two numbers basically represent the year recorded with a few exceptions.  A document labeled 0200564 could be located by inputting 2002-00000564.  Documents that begin with 9908724 span three years.

An older numbering system started with the sequential document number followed by the fiscal or calendar year.  In these instances, a document labeled 0495-1992-3 could be located by inputting 1993-00000495.

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