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Wehrman Prairie

by tsk last modified 2017-07-26 02:06 PM

Located 4 miles south of Van Cleve on Lafayette Ave and 330th St.

IMG_4143.JPGHistory and roots run deep in this native prairie which was once the site of a country school house, Logan #7.  Come explore the beautiful prairie flowers such as wild strawberry, hoary puccoon, lousewort, bluebells, just to name a few.

Descendants of William and Emma Eibs Wehrman placed this native prairie under the care of MCCB so present and future generations that were interested in prairies were welcome to come see and study prairie growth.  Their motto was: "Leave only footprints. Leave it as it is. Agriculture has made Iowa.  The prairie soil made agriculture what it is in this state.  This is one of the few remnants of original prairie land in this area.  Study it, enjoy it, respect it!"

Features and Activities:

· Wildlife and flora viewing

· Hunting


Map to Werhman Prairie:

Wehrman Prairie Map

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