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Pollution Control Exemption

by Jonathan Bailey last modified 2013-03-07 08:59 PM

Pollution control and recycling. Pollution-control or recycling property as defined in this subsection shall be exempt from taxation to the extent provided in this subsection, upon compliance with the provisions of this subsection.

This exemption shall apply to new installations of pollution-control or recycling property beginning on January 1 after the construction or installation of the property is completed. This exemption shall apply beginning on January 1, 1975, to existing pollution-control property if its construction or installation was completed after September 23, 1970, and this exemption shall apply beginning January 1, 1994, to recycling property.

This exemption shall be limited to the market value, as defined in section 441.21, of the pollution-control or recycling property. If the pollution-control or recycling property is assessed with other property as a unit, this exemption shall be limited to the net market value added by the pollution-control or recycling property, determined as of the assessment date.

Application for this exemption shall be filed with the assessing authority not later than the first of February of the first year for which the exemption is requested, on forms provided by the department of revenue and finance. The application shall describe and locate the specific pollution-control or recycling property to be exempted.

The application for a specific pollution-control or recycling property shall be accompanied by a certificate of the administrator of the environmental protection division of the department of natural resources certifying that the primary use of the pollution-control property is to control or abate pollution of any air or water of this state or to enhance the quality of any air or water of this state or, if the property is recycling property, that the primary use of the property is for recycling.

See Code of Iowa Chapter 427.

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