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Notice of Software Conversion

by dcornwell last modified 2018-07-23 09:19 AM — expired

On behalf of Marshall County Real Estate users, we would like to inform you that we are in the process of going through a software conversion. We are converting from our current in-house programming to Devnet, which is a real estate software company.  The reason we have to change our programs is due to multiple state wide law changes that our current system cannot handle.   Currently, this process has been happening behind the scenes; however, starting the week February 23, 2015, we will be preparing to go live with several modules of the new system.


Part of our conversion of data is changing our current PIN number from a 10-digit number to a 12‑digit number.  The new 12-digit number will contain township and range.  For example, a current number looks like 01-01-100-001 and the new number will be 8520-01-100-001.  With the new numbering scheme, you will be able to tell more easily where you are in the county and that it is in Marshall County.  Currently, our first two digits of the number represent an area, starting with 01 running serpentine by township through 16.  We will have a cross reference lookup table so you will be able to search by either PIN scheme.  The current PIN number will be phased out when the Treasurer's Office no longer needs them to collect taxes.


We will begin our live conversion process during the week of February 22nd. The sequence of converting our programs is very important.  This process will shut down access to our real estate system for approximately one week; however, please note this will not include the Recorders office.  If you have any questions and need to know any document information you may still contact the Recorders office and you will still have access to their system and Iowa Land Records (ILR).  Please note that the last day you will see current name change information on the Assessors web site will be through Thursday, February 19th.  Friday, February 20th name changes will not be updated on our system until after the first phase of the conversion is complete.


The following is a list of the offices and functions that will be affected with our first phase of the project. 

Assessor – Web site & real estate functions

Auditor – Real Estate functions

GIS – Mapping



The following office will not be affected with our first phase:

Treasurer – Tax information



The following office is not affected by this conversion:

Recorder – Real estate searches as well as vital information  This has already been converted.


When we have completed this phase of the conversion we will post it on our website and send out email to those we have contact information for.


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Melanie Ewalt at 844-2812 or .

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